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Electronic safety consideration during end of tenancy cleaning process

Cleaning ideally involves use of water and detergent. For many end of tenancy cleaning London companies the amount of water used and even the actual use of water depends on the type of cleaning needed. You can expect lots of water to be used in the kitchen and bathroom compared to what needs to be used in the bedrooms and living room. Growing up, everyone who has lived in an electricity powered house has been taught to be cautious when handling electronics. Although the knowledge is there of how fatal electricity can be when it comes in contact with water, accidents can happen. Whether you have decided to take the DIY route or are comfortable engaging professionals, here are some safety considerations to ensure electronic safety;

Switch of power from the mains – this is assuming that all the cleaning work is happening during the day. With no power at any of the outlets, the cleaning team can go about their duties less concerned about accidentally coming face to face with live wires. When the power has been switched off, cleaners are free to clean in places where there is a mesh of wires without risk of injury. This is especially true for electronics that have detachable power cords that happen to accumulate dirt.

Clean only where the eye can see – unless you are an electronics engineers, refrain from opening up items around the house in the name of cleaning. Not only will the risk of irreversible damage increase but you will also have to pay for it even if you are working under an End of Tenancy Cleaning in London Company. This is because insurance may interpret this action as deliberate. Will the landlord be checking for the interior cleanliness of the dishwasher or washing machine for instance? Never! So why would you open it up?

Use a damp cloth as opposed to dripping wet – for most electronics devices and appliances, water damage is irreversible. Instead of risking damage, always ensure that the piece of cloth you are using to dust is damp. You may rinse it frequently to avoid appearance of dust marks and cloudiness on shiny surfaces.

Even if the power has been switched off from the mains, always ensure that any items you which use electricity are switched off before you start. This is an easy way of maintaining the optimal settings and you will not have a hard time switching it on. Remember to check your property that can support high voltage for a heavy usage machines such as carpet cleaning machines as these machines require a lot of energy and may cause problems with your main.

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