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How to declutter the home when moving your house

The relocation period is the prime time to get rid of items that you do not really need. During the preparation for moving, you will have to go through every item. This is a time you can decide what you really need and what you can dispose of. Here are tips to determining what you really need and what you need to get rid of out of the house.

Keep a one-year rule for the closet   

You will discover large amounts of clothing that you have not worn for quite some time. You will be tempted to keep every piece of clothing. However, if you have not worn something in the whole of last year or even for six months, there is the likelihood that you will not be wearing it in the next six months or a year. Organize the clothing in groups of the necessary, unnecessary and unsure.

Measure the available space in your new home

You do not want to move to the new home only to find that you cannot fit your furniture or appliances since the room is very small. Plan beforehand. Measure the sizes of the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Determine what will go at what place. If you have more than you can actually fit in the new home, it is best to sell off the extra items. Otherwise, you will have a hard time looking for a place to store some of your items, and you will not use them at all.

Organize the essential items

Make a list of essential items that will be needed in the new home. Separate these items from the rest of the items in the house. There will be other items that are not very essential to you. They include broken toys, old cookery, faulty kitchen appliances, as well as old boxes. Do away with the non-essential items. They will only be taking up more room in your new home for no value.

Do not buy new items when you are about to move. It will only make your relocation tough. Moreover, do not wait until it is too late to start sorting out your items. When it is almost the moving date, you will have too much in your hands such that you will not be in the right frame of mind to sort your items.

Decluttering your house will make it easier to stay organized in your new home and avoid paying for transport of unnecessary items.

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